Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Term 1 - 2011 Reflection

It is the second week of the holidays and a good time to write down some of the useful information that has been floating around in my brain whilst I have been on holiday.  The aim of course is to inform my teaching and therefore the learning of the fab kids in R27.

The Vision of Space - Class Set Up
Here are a few comments about the class set up by the students.  I made a wallwisher and put on the front page of the wiki to get some feedback....

"It is convenient, it's easy, it saves me from having a tantrum from rampaging through my tote tray. Two words- AWE SOME!"  Sam.
"I have found it easy to find things and it helps knowing that I can alter my learning environment to suit my liking, I find it cool having a mixed space."  Olivia
"I like only having one book because you don't need to rush into your tote tray to get other books.  This makes learning easier."  Kyle
"I can sit where every I want!  It's unexplainable you can't describe it."  Michael
"I really like being allowed to bring an ipad to school...I like the cushion corner too."  Kiana
"I love this class because there is so much space to work in, it's easy to move around"  Shannon
"It's much easier having one book, and it's helpful having someone else to tidy the totetray sometimes!  Oh and its cool being able to bring my laptop in."  Kim

I am really pleased with the comments that I have received and I enjoy working in this space so I will continue to work with spaces.  To be more effective I need to:
  • I need to organise the cables in my class better.
  • Get enough multi boards that will be able to handle the load.
  • Ensure my laptop monitors (and all students) are setting up for the day.

I am a little concerned about the participation when using a digital media where it is left up to them to interact where I am not setting aside a definite piece of time - it is included in the total amount of time given.  Ie. Only 9 comments out of a class of 31 on the wallwisher for classroom feedback.  ANZAC day discussion about a picture only 3 students only 5 students indicated how they spent ANZAC day on the class wikipage.
  • Go over how to.. eg.... post a sticky with the student?
  • Make it a part of class time or set as a homework task?
  • Have a tick list the students need to tick to confirm that they have completed and monitor this more firmly?
  • Let the students know that I/the rest of the class are genuinely interested in their feedback as I do use it to inform my teaching.
  • Let the students know that they are entitled to their opinion whether it matches what everyone else is saying or not. 
  • Is there a better tool I can be using?  perhaps try tweducate and have as more of a chat?


  1. Hi Steph - when doing these kinds of tasks with my class, I always set timeframes within which the kids have to complete the tasks. I use a checklist work management system spreadsheet which is taped to the whiteboard (very 21st century ... I know) Kids have to tick off the tasks as they complete them. I find this works really well for me and helps the kids manage themselves with their workload - at a glance I can see where everyone is up to. I haven't gone down the one book route yet - still thinking through how that may work in my class, it sounds like your kids love it:-)

  2. Thanks Dave, I will be doing the whole spreadsheet thing too next term. I am wondering is there anything more 21st century - a google spreadsheet? :-)

  3. Looks like so much exciting stuff is happening at Somerville this year!!

  4. Hi Sarah
    Yes there are some great learning happening in R27. Looking forward to visiting you in the near future at Stonefields.