Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talented Students

I have the privilege of teaching a lot of talented students.  They amaze me with their talents, but also the way in which they can roll with ideas.  I had an idea, an idea for our assembly item on Friday.

During this term we are looking at the question "Is New Zealand really a great place for young people to grow up?", from this we are focussing on many things and one of the areas is looking at New Zealand's history with hurting our most vulnerable.

A little of what we did....

The students used a google doc to name kids within New Zealand that have passed due to injuries inflicted on them by the people that are meant to love and care for them the most.  With this they had to write if possible the age of the child and a very brief summary and of course a source for me to go and check their data.

Music in the Classrooms
The motivation and focus from the class musicians is amazing.  They were asked to find songs that they thought would match the mood we were trying to create for our scene, learn within a short amount of time, learn to perform with others and modify to meet the needs of the item.  They even want to practice during their morning tea and lunch breaks, now that is dedication.

In the pictures you will see my whole class using the ICT lab. I am working with a small group of my students who will be playing and singing during our assembly, even though we are in an ICT lab we are not using it in the traditional way, we created the space to meet our needs.  The rest of the students were working on their camp recounts, ukelele song and personal thank you letters to their parents.

Everyone involved
The other students roles are just as important, they are having to learn words, learn to present to an audience, work together, share ideas of how they can improve their performance, understand the content of what they are presenting and ensuring they move the audience from the remembering the negative and leaving them with a powerful message of the importance of rising up, standing up and helping to make change.

I am sure my students will give 100% when it comes to performance time.  The work they have done leading up to the performance has been amazing, learning that you can't get from a text book.

Apologies for the quality of video, but hopefully you get an idea of what is going on.

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  1. Love all the co-operation and collaboration going on. You are right, when kids want to work in their break times then they are really involved with the task in hand!